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International Sustainability Forum 2022

International Sustainability Forum - an annual international forum on sustainable development, which this year we held on October 6, 2022. The forum consisted of four discussion panels with international and Ukrainian experts in the field of sustainability and investment, who answered the question: How can state regulators ensure recovery? What should be corporate governance to overcome global threats? How can Ukrainian businesses turn the environmental and social risks associated with the war into new financing opportunities? Are there chances for transition to a green economy through sustainable recovery in the new geopolitical reality?

Our main goal is to create a regional sustainable business ecosystem for the recovery and development of the economy based on the principles of sustainability for the transformation to a green economy and a sustainable civil society.

International Sustainability Forum 2022
Ось таким насиченим, корисним, масштабним був International Sustainability Forum 2022, організований Асоціацією експертів із сталого розвитку

Youtube project

Expert opinion on sustainable development

These are five series-programs on ESG criteria, financial reporting, "green economy, lending, investments and the impact of banking on sustainable development.

All so that in the conditions of war, small and medium-sized businesses hear the opinion of experts: how to survive and become sustainable?

Episode 1. How to remain stable in the conditions of war? ESG values

You will learn about what steps need to be taken in Ukraine in order to get on the path of sustainability despite the war

Expert business support

Sustainability Recovery Facility

The Sustainability Recovery Facility will be the beginning of the formation of a partnership platform for businesses, investors, and experts for the purpose of capacity development, consultations, and the implementation of specific plans both in the economic component and in the social and environmental aspects, which are the foundations of sustainable development.

"Our goal is to restore and develop business during the war and the postwar period. Forming an internationally oriented sustainable business system in Ukraine, as our current new conditions are an extremely difficult challenge.", - emphasizes the head of the Association, Alina Sokolenko.

Areas of expertise for SRF include crisis management, business process optimization, HR and capacity building, crisis communications and PR, investments, and grants.

The project of development and support of the potential for Ukrainian business, in particular, small and medium in the war (post-war) period, aimed at the sustainability of the business, namely:

  • providing global expert practitioners with tools to stay resilient in the face of war, find the necessary resources, and discover new opportunities to rebuild and restart businesses;
  • understand how environmental, social, and management standards work in war and post-war environments;
  • training and business support to apply the latest technologies, search for solutions in crisis conditions, and attract international experts and partners;
  • creation of a platform of global methodologies and practices that will help Ukrainian businesses to find the necessary resources to restore, adjust and develop their activities
Researching the needs of SMEs by conducting a survey of half a thousand respondents
Consultations and trainings from world experts. Development of business potential and transformation of business processes

Attracting grants and investments for businesses most affected by the war

International Sustainability Forum 2021

The International Sustainability Forum is the first international educational forum on sustainability in Ukraine, which we held on June 17-18, 2021. The event brought together participants from 7 countries and garnered millions of views

The purpose of the forum is to raise awareness of sustainability, contribute to the formation of a culture of sustainable development, and promote the development of a green economy. After all, the formation of a culture of sustainable development in Ukraine is a relevant topic due to the constant growth of interest in solving global challenges in various fields: agriculture, IT, energy, retail, development industry, chemical, and even creative. That is why we launched an annual international event with an emphasis on education and practical business cases.

International Sustainability Forum 2021

On June 17-18, 2021, we held the first international educational forum on sustainable development, which gathered 17 international and Ukrainian experts, 17 best cases of Ukrainian business and 1,000 participants from 7 countries.

A series of webinars

ECA Sustainability Community of Practice

In September 2020, AVgroup, the Association of Sustainable Development Experts (ASDE), and the Netherlands Development Bank (FMO) launched a webinar series on sustainability in agribusiness.

The goal of the project was to spread knowledge about the best ESG practices and increase the availability of green financing, taking into account the needs of regional agribusiness in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Educational online camp

Sustainable CreaCamp
Sustainability comes from flexibility

On September 27-29, 2020, an online educational camp on sustainable development was held for representatives of creative and cultural industries from Germany and Ukraine. Representatives of 6 spheres of KKI received knowledge about how to implement the social and ecological components of sustainable development and their business.

The project partner is Kultur Aktiv. The project was implemented as part of the Culture for Change program with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the Memory, Responsibility, and Future Foundation (EVZ) (Berlin, Germany).

ISBA is an independent international innovative educational center that operates in Europe and Central Asia. The mission of the academy is to implement sustainable development through education, training, and practice.

Areas of study:

  • Sustainable business strategies
  • Permanent finances
  • ESG business models
  • Climate change
  • Agricultural sustainability
  • Human Rights
  • Supply chains
  • Circular economy
  • Digitization
  • PR and reputation management
  • Creative economy
  • Transport safety and health of workers
  • Animal protection and welfare
  • Design thinking
  • Social management and interaction with stakeholders
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