Our goal is to restore and develop business during the war and the postwar period. Forming an internationally oriented sustainable business system in Ukraine, as our current new conditions are an extremely difficult challenge.
Head of the Association
A. Sokolenko
Support the Sustainability Recovery Facility

Due to the war of Russia against Ukraine, the Association of Sustainable Development Experts is launching the Sustainability Recovery Facility project.

Our main challenge is to preserve the work of business in Ukraine, especially small and medium-sized, despite military action, to help develop the country's economy based on the principles of sustainable development.
The Sustainability Recovery Facility will be the beginning of a partnership platform for business, investors and experts to build capacity, consult and implement specific plans in the economic, social and environmental areas, which are the foundations of sustainable development.

Areas of the expertise
Crisis management
 Optimization of business processes
HR and capacity development
Crisis communications and PR
Investments and grants
Priority projects of the Facility
Project for Ukrainian business potential`s development and support, in particular small and medium-sized in the war (post-war) period, aimed at business sustainability, namely:
  • providing world-class practitioners with tools on how to stay resilient in times of war, find the necessary resources, and open up new opportunities to rebuild and restart business;
  • understand how environmental, social and governance standards work in war and post-war conditions;
  • training and business support to apply the latest technologies, seek solutions in crisis situations, involve international experts and partners;
  • creating a platform of global methodologies and practices that will help Ukrainian businesses find the necessary resources to restore, establish and develop their activities.
Support of existing business in the war conditions and post-war period
The project involves collecting, analyzing the environmental consequences of the war, developing a corrective action plan, and implementing them.
The project involves cooperation with relevant international expert organizations, government agencies and other relevant organizations, as well as volunteers.
Development of an environmental security strategy in accordance with the criteria of sustainability and development of measures to eliminate the war consequences
The fund plans to attract investment in the business that is currently suffering the most and needs an operating shift as a result of war.
Due to martial law, most companies have lost the opportunity for harmonious development in their field and now need to change their activities. It is the search for new areas of activity that is becoming a key issue for small and medium-sized businesses today, and for large-scale transformation and optimization of current business processes.
Asset support and business retraining
Engaged experts
Project partners
Become a project participant
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