Memorandum: Scottish NGO joins Ukraine's sustainability expertise.

On April 7, 2022, the Association signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Scottish NGO Global Initiatives & Solutions Ltd. , which uses a unique approach to consulting and think tank functions.
The purpose of cooperation
business recovery in the war and in the postwar period.
said GIS Chairman Margaret Walsh.
"Our recovery tools that we offer in cooperation with the Association are the support of business managers from world practitioners. We can provide business tools on how to stay resilient in times of war, how to find the necessary resources and identify new opportunities”

In its turn, the Head of the ASDE Alina Sokolenko said:

"Now in our expert community we monitor the situation inside the country and understand the need to quickly integrate flexible technologies with sustainable environments used in all aspects of business, education and life. GIS partners support the transition to environmentally friendly technology-based solutions using the latest data analysis and business intelligence. We just don't have the kind of analysis and expertise to get business out of the crisis. "
ASDE and GIS have agreed on the following areas of cooperation of common interest:
Creating a regional sustainable business ecosystem that meets international best practices for the public and private sectors.
Filling information gaps in Europe and Central Asia on best practices for sustainable development and ESGs tailored to regional needs.

It will be recalled that the Association is preparing a project "Sustainability Fund", where we plan to attract the best experts to advise small and medium-sized businesses on the problems of finding resources in conditions of war and sustainability.
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