Press-conference: Rapid Response and Assistance to Ukrainians: How Government, Business and the Public Are Unified.

Alina Sokolenko, President of the Association, took part in a public discussion of international assistance to Ukrainians and national business. The event was organized by media platform UKRINFORM and the International Assistance Headquarters for Ukrainians, headed by Hanna Krysiuk.
Participants of the event
Moreover, the press conference was attended by Gennady Chizhikov - President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine; Maria Mezentseva - Deputy of Ukraine, Head of the Permanent Delegation of the Verkhovna Rada to the PACE; Oksana Schoorlemmer - coordinator of the IAHU in Germany, members of the board of the German-Ukrainian society "Sich" (Schwerin); Mykola Zharov - coordinator of the IAHU in Luxembourg, President of ASBL LUkraine; Veronika Marchuk - Coordinator of the IAHU in Poland, Chairman of the Board of the TPU - "Society of Friends of Ukraine" (TPU - Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ukrainy) in Warsaw; Alexander Petrov is the coordinator of the IAHU in Latvia.

During the event, the results of assistance to Ukrainians from the IAHU and projects that improve business were presented to the public. The Sustainable Development Fund is a business consulting project that will help reformat and adapt businesses to work in wartime and post-war conditions.
"Today it is very difficult to think about the future, but we should still think about it, especially in the context of “green”. Our Association has become a small center of sustainability, involving experts from around the world. During this period, we were joined by figures from the United States, Great Britain, including Scotland, the Netherlands and Germany. We support business and help see opportunities. We believe that every black stripe is followed by a white one, so we insist on looking wider and looking for opportunities.

Thus, to date, the Association has initiated two main areas. The first concerns the Sustainability Fund, which focuses on business cooperation, investment and expertise, and focuses on supporting existing businesses in emerging issues. In addition, we have focused our efforts on the other side in terms of calculating the damage caused to the environment. Today, large-scale work is underway to determine the methodology for calculating these losses. It is important that it be recognized by the international community and that we be able to defend every penny of these calculations."

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