brings together talented and dedicated people with variety backgrounds. Through shared values, experiences exchange and mutual support of our community, we are realizing our collective potential in building a sustainable economy and civil society.

The ASDE community
Alina Sokolenko
Head of the organization
CEO of AVgroup – sustainability consulting company.
Certified specialist in sustainable development and non-financial reporting.
Andrii Melnyk
Sustainable finance expert
Head of Sustainable Development Programs, Bank Lviv. 
Specialist in financing and development of small and medium business projects.
Ksenia Bahrii
Expert in non-financial reporting and stakeholder engagement
CEO AVgroup
E&S Officer at Diligent Capital Partners
GRI Certified Sustainability Professional and Trainer
Andrii Oleniuk
Human rights expert
Partner of the EVERLEGAL
Co-Head of Sustainable Development Practice

Mykola Horbakha
Coordinator of road safety sector
Specialist in development of a traffic safety management system according to international standards

Hrystyna Biliakovska
Sustainable communications & social management expert
Yuliia Lohvyneneko
Environmental and health & safety management expert
Certified trainer and expert of international standards
Valeriy Sokolenko
Business strategy development and operational management

International consultant in the field of management and development in projects of international development banks and UN programs focused on Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Olesya Vershyhora

Energy management expert

Founder of the course "Sustainability Basic"

Among its clients: USAID, Silpo, DTEK, as well as Nike, Kidswood, Delamark, MOM, Made in Ukraine, Yes Straws networks

Yurii Karabaza
Environmental and health & safety management expert
Occupational Safety Manager at MHP
Occupational Safety Manager at MHP
Olena Tarasova-Krasiieva
Biodiversity expert
Project manager and expert in UNDP, Ukraine
Graduate of the Biodiversity Conservation Program, Imperial College, London

Ivan Koriakin
Coordinator of sustainable business strategies sector
Banking sector expert
Experienced consultant, advisor, and coach
Oksana Hetman
Expert in eco-aware architecture
Student at the University of Cambridge, MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies
Anna Zhovtenko
Ecologist and green office specialist
OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine
Yuliia Pylnova
Coordinator of climate change mitigation sector
E&S Assessment Specialist at Tetra Tech
Certified ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 auditor 

Valerii Mikhailovskiy
Sustainable finance expert
Manager, Sustainability services, PwC
Mariia Vasylets
Сreative economy expert
PhD in Creative economy
Grant Coordinator in partnership with the British Council Ukraine and EVZ, Germany
Oksana Cooper
Expert in strategic development and project management
Project management expert, legal analyst, communications consultant
Stanislav Dubko
Sustainable finance expert
Specialist in managing private credit rating agencies and consulting
Kristina Kenchadze
Environmental and health & safety management expert
Occupational safety engineer and sustainable development specialist, Snapchat Inc.

Andrii Hnap
Circular economy expert
CEO and data analyst at Waste Ukraine Analytic

Anna Meleganych
Communication expert
Regional Leader of Understanding of the UN Development Program in Ukraine, Regional Communication Coordinator of the All-Ukrainian Active Community Initiative in Uzhhorod.

Ruslan Chorny

Sustainable Finance Expert
Director of Financial Club LLC
Maxim Babayev
Green energy expert
He has supported renewable energy investment projects in Baker Tilly's international network of companies, and as CEO has coordinated the GetMarket platform to support investment in sustainable energy.

Ihor Olekhov

Expert in banking and financial law

Partner of CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang in Ukraine and head of banking and financial law practice of the Kyiv office

Kateryna Chechulina

Expert in English law

Qualified adviser in English law CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Ukraine

Rostyslav Lukach

Expert in economics

Local coordinator of the Dutch Mini-MBA program from deBaak Management Centrum VNO/NCW

Consultant on starting and developing a small business, attracting investments and communications

  • Nataliia Glazkova
Environmental and social expert. Head of Environmental and Social Risks Department at Ukrgazbank

  • Liudmyla Horbakha
Road safety expert. Sustainability specialist in the transport sector and crisis management

  • Olena Yarmak
Social management expert. Personal development coach. Founder of LibStartUp. Owner of LibUinty.Global (Poland)

  • Oksana Lutsenko
Green office expert. Founder and coordinator of the Green Business Ukraine Partnership. Director of Eco-Advocacy International auditor


AVgroup  is a consulting firm operating in sustainable development, with a mission to create the value of companies by implementing environmental, social and corporate governance in existing business models for long-term growth, increased capitalization and investment attractiveness.
The company's approach and methodology is based on the International Finance Corporation's (IFC PS) Standards, the World Bank's Environmental and Social Policy and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, EU directives and best available methods and practices.
Business Woman Club is an international closed women's business club that brings together successful women in business, politics and diplomacy to consolidate, develop, communicate and collaborate.
The mission of the club is to change the philosophy of thinking of people in society through trust, self-education, knowledge, development and harmony with nature. Business Women's Club's global goal is to plant 100 million trees.
Bank Lviv was established in 1990. In 2007 it became a bank entirely with foreign capital. On January 29, 2019, 51% of the bank's shares were repurchased by the Swiss responsAbility fund, and in 2022, the Northern Environmental Finance Corporation Nefco repurchased 13.94% of the bank's shares.
Every year the bank is evaluated by various authorized rating agencies. In 2018, the rating agency IBI-Rating confirmed the reliability of Bank of Lviv's bank deposits at the level of "5", which characterizes the bank as a reliable financial institution.
The Financial Club news agency is a platform for communication of a fundamentally new format between the financial and banking community, the expert community, regulators and society.
The media project provides its readers with exclusive news information, market analytics, as well as authoritative forecasts about the prospects for the development of various segments of the financial market and its participants.
JSB “UKRGASBANK” is a universal bank with a focus on green finance.
UKRGASBANK is among the top-5 Ukrainian banks by assets. 95% of the Bank’s share capital belongs to the State of Ukraine represented by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.
Circular Economy Alliance is a dedicated, committed and knowledge-driven organization with an exclusive focus on paving the path for a seamless transition to Circular Economy.
Their home lies on solid data-driven foundations, and their doors are always open to learners who are determined to uplift their capacity and be drivers of change. They get empowered every single time they bridge the circular economy knowledge gap shipping us away from linearity.

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang is the 5th largest law firm in the world with 72 offices in 41 countries employing 4,800 lawyers.

The Kyiv office of CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang offers the services of 6 partners and 30 lawyers who are qualified in Ukrainian and international law and understand the specifics of the Ukrainian market, as well as the requirements and expectations of international organizations and investors.

Ekna Ukraine is a young and progressive Ukrainian company specializing in medical equipment in many segments of the medical market.
The main areas of implementation are visualization equipment for medical purposes, equipment for intensive care and means of combating coronavirus. The company's products meet the needs of both narrowly focused specialized medical institutions and are suitable for mass consumption. 
Apostrophe and Apostrophe TV is an online publication focused on the preparation of information and analytical materials, coverage of current events in politics, economics, society and culture. Apostrophe TV is a Ukrainian independent information-analytical TV channel.
The collaboration between ASDE and the media is to disseminate knowledge about sustainable development in society, generate ideas, develop joint projects and programs, and involve government and commercial institutions in the implementation of projects and technologies.
Kultur Aktiv is a German non-governmental organization founded in 2002 in Dresden to promote art and culture, education and creativity through international exchange and cooperation.
Kultur Aktiv is an open platform for the implementation of ideas in the cultural and local environment. In local projects, the organization collaborates with artists, young creative professionals, youth, migrant groups and refugees. Cultural collaboration with Eastern European organizations is the starting point for developing Dresden's potential as a bridge between East and West.
NaUKMA - National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" is a state higher education institution, owns the status of national and has IV level of accreditation.
National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" is a classical university that creates, preserves and disseminates knowledge in the natural, social, humanities and technical sciences.
Mohylianka is a community that forms a highly educated, nationally conscious, honest, caring, creative person, able to think independently and act responsibly, for the development of an open and democratic society.
The Georgian Farmers' Association is an organization that works to improve the quality of life of Georgian farmers by uniting them, promoting their interests and comprehensively helping to strengthen Georgia's agricultural sector.
The Georgian Farmers' Association is a non-profit legal entity founded in late 2012. The organization now unites up to 4,000 farmers across Georgia. In accordance with the mandate given by member farmers, the Association acts as an intermediary between farmers and the government.
Mind is an independent business journalism portal that defends the interests of the Ukrainian economy and liberal values.
The first Ukrainian publication with a paid subscription, sponsored by readers, which allows you to become independent of politicians and businessmen. Mind reflects on all important events in the country - business, economic, cultural and social. The special project Mind "Sustainable Development: Roadmap for Ukrainian Business" is about the awareness and responsibility of Ukrainian society, including corporate citizens, who set out to obtain the main sustainable license for the right to run a successful business in the future. Mind is an information partner of ASDE projects, in particular - an exclusive partner of the  Agribusiness Sustainability Webinar Series for Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
NGO "Development of IT Education"  is the first large-scale social project based on the state university, which aims to sustainable development of IT education in Ukraine.
As part of the partnership with ASDE, the organizations are expanding society's opportunities in the field of sustainable development, development of IT education in Ukraine, development of public education in Ukraine and scientific base, establishing practical partnerships with organizations to jointly obtain or share experience and expertise.
Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, was created in 2011. Association has the mission of development of the local market through set-up of professional standards in technical field and in business development. It represents the interests of the Ukrainian industrial automation community.
Over the years, APPAU has become one of the leaders in the development of industrial high-tech sectors. The Association is the coordinator of the national movement "Industry 4.0 in Ukraine" and the developer of the draft national strategy of Industry 4.0, curator of the Technical Committee 185 "Industrial Automation", ideologue of the concept of the network of Industry Centers 4.0, IAM clusters, industrial accelerators and industry roadmaps. In these and other projects, APPAU cooperates with numerous partners, including central and regional executive bodies.
Global initiatives and solutions is a Scottish non-governmental organization that is a unique interdisciplinary hybrid between business consulting and a think tank.
According to their Four Corners philosophy, GIS believes that the education of young people and modern practical employment skills are fundamental to economic progress and competitiveness on the world stage.
ASDE is a platform for community members to interact. Networking is a strategic component of our business. Together we form a conscious civil society. Being in a community means being among like-minded people, experts and practitioners of sustainable development.
Being a member of the ASDE community is about opportunities:

  • collaboration of international partners in the framework of the organization and formation of a sustainable ecosystem;
  • sustainability advocacy and independent leader for business, government and society;
  • accumulation and unification of knowledge based on ASDE;
  • opportunities to increase the level of expertise in the field of sustainable development through the exchange of experience with international experts involved in the work of ASDE;
  • formation of a communication expert platform;
  • implementation of educational activities - holding regular events, the opportunity to teach or study on the International Sustainability Business Academy platform;
  • promotion on ASDE resources and publications in media resources of partners;
  • brand and reputation of expertise in Ukraine;
  • sustainability synergies that standardize approaches;
  • exchange of experience and work on the basis of a professional platform of sustainable development practitioners for representation in Ukraine and in international arenas.
Membership in ASDE is voluntary and individual, and is governed by the Charter of the organization and current legislation of Ukraine. Both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners can be members of the organization. ASDE members participate in the creation of projects, implementation of the Strategy, make proposals on areas of activity, participate in voting at the general meeting, elect and may be elected to the governing bodies of the organization.
ASDE partners are legal entities of various forms of ownership. All partners have equal rights and are accepted into the organization by signing memoranda. ASDE partners are organizations that implement projects and activities aimed at achieving the goals of sustainable development and implementation of sustainable approaches. Together with ASDE, partners are actively involved in the creation and implementation of projects.
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