The Association of Sustainable Development Experts and the Circular Economy Alliance are joining forces to offer services in the context of the Circular Economy

We are pleased to announce that on May 23, 2022, the Association of Sustainable Development Experts (ASDE) and the Circular Economy Alliance (CEA): signed a memorandum of understanding.
Circular Economy Alliance
The Circular Economy Alliance is a dedicated, committed and knowledge-driven organization with an exclusive focus on paving the path for a seamless transition to Circular Economy. They are turning theory into practice by providing the global workforce with the research-based knowledge and skills required for the transition into Circular Economy.

ASDE Chairwoman Alina Sokolenko said:
«By working together, we will promote awareness about the important role that responsible investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology management play in shaping the Circular Economy»

Christos Papakyriakou, Director of the Circular Economy Alliance, said:
«With our partnership we aim to focus on co-creating and co- innovating solutions and delivering consulting projects as mean to support the digital transformation of public and private entities conforming to principles, values, and guidelines of Circular Economy and the United Nations’ #SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDGs). In addition, we will be collaborating on research proposals and providing relevant services for business development within the framework of the Sustainability Recovery Facility project»
About Sustainability Recovery Facility
It will be recalled that ASDE has launched the Sustainability Recovery Facility project, which aims to provide advice to Ukrainian businesses in order to quickly recover from losses during active hostilities. The project also includes a study on the current needs of Ukrainian business.

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