The ASDE Advisory Board was formed in December 2021 to coordinate the vector of the organization's development, promotion and reputation.
Priorities of the Advisory Board support in 2022:

  • focus on the areas that have the high impact and potential for sustainable development;
  • implementation of niche sustainable initiatives;
  • environmental change at the international level and cooperation with public authorities;
  • educational activities with universities, common educational programs;
  • representations of international initiatives in Ukraine, such as the Climate Change Management Initiative;
Advisory Board ASDE
Olena Maslyukivska
Chairperson of the ASDE Advisory Board Independent member
Alina Sokolenko
Member of the ASDE Advisory Board
Dariusz Prasek
Independent member of the ASDE Advisory Board
Iryna Papusha
Independent member of the ASDE Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is an advisory body of the Organization. Its members operate on a voluntary basis and are elected by a decision of the General Meeting for a three-year period with the possibility of extension.
Tatjana Gerling
Independent member of the ASDE Advisory Board
Our organization brings together leading Ukrainian and international sustainability practitioners with extensive experience in implementing projects in various sectors of the economy following the principles of sustainability and responsible investment.
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