An independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental association established to promote a culture of sustainability in society through: advocacy of topic, education, international cooperation and fruitful cooperation of business and public sector. ASDE creates an ecosystem of partnership which promote sustainability through our projects and initiatives, experience and knowledge. Thanks to common values, exchange of experience and mutual support of our community, we realize our potential in forming green economy and sustainable civil society.

Association of Sustainable Development Experts

Creating an international specialized community of like-minded people and practitioners of sustainable development for the formation of civil society following the principles of sustainability.
ASDE is a powerful center of sustainability in Eastern Europe and Central Asia formed to realize the common potential in forming a green economy and sustainable civil society.
Our activities are focused on three areas:
sustainable development
We fulfill our mission through
collaboration, implementation of projects and initiatives, sharing the experience and knowledge on sustainable development.


Mutual assistance and support
Each member of ASDE is open to dialogue and addressing issues related to key areas of activity.
Being an ASDE expert means having the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications that directly help to achieve the goals.
Openness and transparency
ASDE is an open and collaborative organization. We disclose information about our activities and report on projects from their inception to completion.
ASDE is responsible for its commitments. We follow the strategy and bring to an end the case.
Our activity is based on the principle of balance between meeting the modern needs of society and protecting the interests of future generations.

Alina Sokolenko

Head of ASDE

In Ukraine, even a couple of years ago, issues of sustainable development were considered a trend. Today, it is an element of the main financial strategy and making investment decisions for the development of companies
Borysohlybska street, 16-a
Kyiv, 04070
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